Milja-Liina Moilanen

Milja-Liina Moilanen (b.1989) is an artist and director. She makes political media art and flirts with popular cultural phenomena and film narration methods in her works. Moilanen holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2019 from the Academy of Fine Arts. Currently, she’s directing a documentary about the women on reality tv. 




2018- 2019 MFA/ Time and Space Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, University of Arts 

2014-2017 BFA/ Sculpture Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, University of Arts 

2013- 2014 Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Fine Arts department 



2019 Turku Artists’ association: Artist of the year 



2020 How to handle the new apparatus, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki 

2020 BLACK CRYDAY, Gallery Mältinranta, Tampere 

2019 Turku Artist Association 95.th exhibition, Turku 

2019 NUORET2019, Helsinki Kunsthalle 

2019 Kuvan Kevät, Helsinki 

2018 BULLETIN, Gallery Mindepartement, Stockholm 

2017 Suomi100, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki 

2017 BFA-exhibition, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki 

2017 Olohuone Art Event,Turku 

2016 Matter matter- Exhibition laboratory, Helsinki 

2016 Neuromaani/ Maria hospital, Helsinki/ Neuromaani-play by Raekallio Corp 

2016 Perpendicular, Kulmagallery, Helsinki 

2015 Size Matters- Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki 

2015 Reality Television goes Art/ Gallery Rajatila, Tampere 

2015 Kulmagallery, Helsinki 2015 Between pleasing and disturbing, Rupla, Helsinki 

2015 Born to be an artist/ Cable Factory, Helsinki 

2014 Art of Baswar/ Musiikkitalo, Helsinki 

2013 Artefact, Pietarsaari city museum 

2013 Kuusiston taidekartano, Kaarina 

2012 European driving escapade/ 100th gallery/ Melbourne, Australia 

2012 Turun piirrustusseura/ Gallery 3h+k/Pori, Finland 



2020 Olohuone art event, Turku 

2020 JIFF, Jaipur, India 

2019 SCIFF, Helsinki, Finland 

2018 WOW Quarantine Film Festival, Bulgaria RESIDENCES AND WORKSHOPS 

2016 Berlin Academy of Fine Arts recidency 

2016 Ecosystems in change- expedicion in Andaman Islands, India 

2015/2016 Impilinna-recidency Utö 

2013 Turku Artist Associations Taf taf-residency in Dakar,Senegal 

2012 ”I will tell you a story”- illustration workshop Wroclaw, Poland 

2011 ”Baltic sea”- group project, Riga, Latvia 



2019 SKR 1 year artist grant 

2018 TAIKE 4 month artist grant 

2015 Academy of Fine Arts grant from sculpture department 

2015 Greta and William Lehtinen Foundation 

2013 Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulun matkastipendi